There are now an estimated 40,000 cooperative businesses in the U.S., each contributing to a stronger economy by investing in people and their communities. NCBA CLUSA is proud to represent this movement at the national level and is committed to building, promoting and protecting the cooperative identity.

Your membership is critical to the success and scope of our work. It helps us create awareness of and connections among co-op sectors across the U.S. and worldwide. It’s because of co-ops like yours that the cooperative business model has become integral to sustainable economic development over the past century, especially in rural America. As a member of the National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA International, you or your organization actively join our ongoing work to advance, promote and defend cooperative businesses that build a better world.



Individual Members

Individual membership is a great way to connect to an active community of people who support cooperative businesses. Individual members enjoy substantial discounts on NCBA CLUSA’s premier conferences, webinars and other learning events. You’ll also become part of a unified voice advocating for cooperative interests in the nation’s capital.

Cooperative Members

Why not extend the benefits of NCBA CLUSA membership to your entire staff, management and board? A cooperative membership strengthens your role within NCBA CLUSA. It also demonstrates leadership of and investment in both your organization and the broader co-op movement. Your cooperative’s support in NCBA CLUSA raises the awareness of cooperatives across many sectors and many levels.

Associate Members

NCBA CLUSA’s Associate Member program is designed to provide key business and educational resources exclusively to NCBA CLUSA members. Associate Members are non-cooperative service providers that serve and do business with co-ops. NCBA CLUSA actively seeks out organizations with past experience working with cooperatives and whose services are relevant across the diverse cooperative sectors we serve.

To learn more on associate members click here.


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