MOU between NCBA CLUSA, McCormick Co. to strengthen co-op development, expand spice markets and support SDGs.

Despite progress toward reducing poverty, nearly 800 million people continue to live on less than $1.90 per day. Tackling global poverty requires dynamic partnerships. Signed last month, a Memorandum of Understanding between NCBA CLUSA and McCormick & Company solidifies one such successful collaboration in improving the livelihoods and resilience of smallholder farmers.

McCormick and NCBA CLUSA have a 30-year-long history of cooperation in Indonesia and East Timor. This partnership has generated significant volumes of vanilla, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and black pepper, and expanded processing and export capacities of local smallholder farmers – increasing incomes and livelihoods. McCormick is a global leader in flavor with approximately 11,000 employees and facilities in 27 countries with $4.8 billion in total sales. NCBA CLUSA is the largest and oldest U.S. cooperative trade association with over 800 employees implementing development programs in 19 countries.

These two organizations will now explore opportunities to expand their successes in Southeast Asia to other strategic countries such as India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam, among others. To achieve this, they have established a new strategic framework for innovative partnerships that combines the dynamism of the private sector with the community empowering benefits of cooperatives. McCormick’s 2017 Purpose-led Performance strategy outlines the company’s commitment to sustainability by strengthening its business and improving the world, taking responsibility for the long-term vitality of people, communities and the planet. Under this new strategy, both organizations have committed to the shared goal of improving livelihoods and resilience in the farming communities where they operate.

NCBA CLUSA and McCormick will collaborate on the forming and strengthening of farmer groups, producer organizations, women’s groups and other community-based organizations engaged in vanilla and spice value chain production. The partnership will focus on increasing productivity, technology adoption, linking farmers to markets as well as improved health and nutrition, especially for youth and women.

“NCBA CLUSA is proud to deepen our global partnership with McCormick as we build enduring supply chains that empower vulnerable communities through cooperative development,” said MOU signatory Amy Coughenour Betancourt, COO of International Programs at NCBA CLUSA.

Specific initiatives include efforts to improve traceability and meeting industry certifying standards such as USDA organic, Rainforest Alliance or others in support of McCormick’s goal of 100% sustainability sourced five iconic ingredients (vanilla, red pepper, black pepper, oregano and cinnamon) by 2025.

“We believe this partnership will make these farming communities more resilient, and create better livelihoods through our support,” said Michael Okoroafor, Vice President of Global Sustainability and Packaging Innovation, who signed the MOU for McCormick.

Learn more about private sector partnerships and some of NCBA CLUSA and McCormick’s collaborations.


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