NCBA CLUSA purchasing sector members to present at Accelerate 2017

Accelerate 2017 is a complement to the purchasing co-op track at NCBA CLUSA’s Co-op IMPACT Conference in October.Accelerate 2017 is a complement to the purchasing co-op track at NCBA CLUSA’s Co-op IMPACT Conference in October.With the arrival of NCBA CLUSA’s inaugural Co-op IMPACT Conference this fall, U.S. cooperatives from all sectors will convene in the nation’s capital for three days of immersive learning, networking and discussion around the economic impact cooperatives have on communities. 

One of the key stakeholders joining the IMPACT Conference to examine this latter point are purchasing cooperatives. Representing nearly $1 trillion of the $3 trillion in assets controlled by cooperatives in the U.S. economy, this audience is as powerful as it is diverse. As part of their dedicated learning track, attendees will be able to workshop strategic decisions via our Master Classes, share and assess best practices as a group, benchmark with fellow purchasing co-op CEOs and network with 200+ co-op executives, management, board members and thought leaders from various co-op development centers, financial institutions, government agencies, law offices and accounting firms. 

For purchasing co-op members or friends of NCBA CLUSA interested in additional learning opportunities this year, we’d encourage you to check out the Accelerate Conference, presented by LBMX, an NCBA CLUSA business service provider. Accelerate is an international conference for group executives, senior operations staff, as well as board members of buying groups and purchasing co-operatives. NCBA CLUSA members Jeanne Matson (President & CEO of Starnet), Howard Brodsky (Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of CCA Global Partners), Charles Forman (COO of Independent Stationers) and Jack Bailey (former President & CEO of IDC-USA) will each share their expertise on everything from developing a marketing plan and managing board members to growing a national accounts program.

Accelerate 2017 will serve as a complement to the purchasing co-op track at IMPACT. Both conferences provide an opportunity to re-charge, focus on strategic planning and educate key team members. With Accelerate’s focus on TEDx-style best practices presentations and NCBA CLUSA’s “solutions for decisions” approach, NCBA CLUSA encourages participation in both events as a way to cover all your bases as a purchasing cooperative navigating today’s complex global economic challenges.                                          

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