NCBA CLUSA to host webinars with Project Equity and Medullus Systems next month

webinars 500 1ec64webinars 500 1ec64NCBA CLUSA is proud to host two webinars during the first week of December with its associate members Project Equity and Medullus Systems on issues critical to the purchasing cooperative industry: succession planning and technology solutions.

Succession planning is an urgent need among an increasing number of businesses—especially as baby boomers near retirement age. Because purchasing co-ops are an important part of helping independent business members stay independent, competitive and rooted in their communities, NCBA CLUSA has partnered with Project Equity to better understand the succession challenges of purchasing co-op member companies, and to assess how employee ownership transitions can help keep these companies independent long-term.

Join NCBA CLUSA, Project Equity and other purchasing co-op experts (Stephen K. Irvin from Amicus Solar and Jack Bailey from IDC-USA) during a webinar on Tuesday, December 6, from 1 – 2 p.m. to learn more about how purchasing co-ops and other independent business networks can utilize employee ownership and worker co-op conversions to help locally-owned businesses stay locally-owned.

During "Succession Planning for Purchasing Co-ops and Their Members," you’ll learn:

• How to “convert” a business to a worker cooperative
• Approaches to financing employee buy-outs
• Education programs you can implement across your business network
• General timeline to consider for conversion
• Cost of conversion

With technology one of the key drivers of business in today’s marketplace, NCBA CLUSA encourages purchasing co-ops to find ways to leverage strategic software to improve its member and vendor management, increase operational efficiencies and recruit more effectively.

In support of this belief, NCBA CLUSA collaborated with Associate Member Medullus Systems on a survey to help define some basic technology benchmarks for the purchasing co-op sector. Join us for a webinar on Wednesday, December 7, from 1 – 2 p.m., as Medullus Systems Partner Roni Banerjee unpacks the results of that survey.

During "Benchmarking Technology Solutions for Purchasing Cooperatives," you’ll learn:

• How purchasing co-ops and their members view technology
• The spending habits of purchasing co-ops for IT
• Benchmarks on types of software, effectiveness, satisfaction levels and security
• Marketing activities, IT integrations and more!

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