Webinar tomorrow! Best Practices for Purchasing Cooperatives

npcc 500 8cd34npcc 500 8cd34It’s not too late to help shape the #1 rated session at NCBA CLUSA’s National Purchasing Cooperatives Conference (NPCC), convening in Miami, Florida, from September 19 – 21. Join NCBA CLUSA and InGage Consulting, as well as members of the 2016 NPCC Planning Committee, for a Best Practices for Purchasing Cooperatives webinar on Thursday, August 25, from 1 – 2 p.m. Click here to register

A crucial part of the conference, Best Practices is a plenary session group sharing opportunity that allows every attendee to share one idea that turned out to be a home run for their co-op. This session is the perfect example of “Elevating Connections,” as attendees consistently report coming away with four to five actionable takeaways from their peers that can be applied to their own co-op. 

During this webinar, we'll run through how the session works, review examples of best practices and announce our new-this-year “Best” of the Best Practices Contest with instructions on how to submit your best practice prior to the conference and contribute to a library of best practices that purchasing co-ops can refer back to. 

A purchasing co-op ecosystem functioning at optimal levels benefits everybody, so in exchange for your time on this webinar, NCBA CLUSA will provide you the full list of submitted Best and Reverse Best Practices (the ideas that didn’t work) from last year’s conference in New Orleans.

Click here to register for this webinar.


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