Natural Resource Management


Since 1985, NCBA CLUSA has adopted a holistic approach to natural resource management (NRM), training local communities in the management of their natural resources, long before such an approach was widely accepted. NCBA CLUSA promotes the voice of the local community in the governance of resources and maximizes revenue through sustainable commerce in NRM products. NCBA CLUSA develops and builds the capacity of three types of community-based organizations to create a comprehensive institutional framework for effective conservation and management:

     - Viable group businesses allow farmers to benefit from economies of scale, improve household incomes, and gain
        access to techniques and technologies that mitigate adverse impacts on the environment.

     - NRM committees guide and oversee resource utilization and ensure sustainable production.

     - CSOs provide local people with a voice in the governance of local resources and promote a local stake in revenue-generating activities.

Through our commitment to protecting the environment, NCBA CLUSA is one of the leading pioneers of utilzing Conservation Agriculture (CA) to enhance food security and increase household income while mitigating the negative effects of climate change.


Current Natural Resource Management and Conservation Agriculture Projects

Mozambique: Conservation Agriculture Promotion (PROMAC)
Government of Norway $14,400,000





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