Democracy and Governance



Effective governance results when citizens and governments work together using transparent and participatory methods to identify priorities and improve public policy and services. NCBA CLUSA bases its democracy and governance programs on four key principles:

1. Democratic governance grows strongest when built from the base.

2. Citizen participation should result in tangible benefits.

3. Good governance is about improving lives.

4. An engaged, transparent local government benefits from the trust and support of its constituents.

NCBA CLUSA strengthens the internal capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) by providing skills training in literacy, leadership, citizen participation techniques and advocacy. Simultaneously, NCBA CLUSA provides training and technical assistance to local governments to enhance their ability to effectively and transparently engage with these CSOs.. NCBA CLUSA employs Citizen Participation Techniques (CPTs) to provide a mechanism for CSOs and government agencies to productively engage around real and urgent issues. Concrete progress on resolving these challenges promotes trust and solidifies the partnership between citizens and government.

In Kenya, through the recently closed USAID funded Yes Youth Can! program, NCBA CLUSA empowered over 1 million Kenyan youth to participate effectively in political leadership and governance while building entrepreneurial skills to engage in livelihood activities that will enhance their socio-economic base.


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