Cooperative Development Program

Cooperatives, businesses that are democratically owned and governed by those they serve, are powerful tools for local development.  NCBA CLUSA’s approach to cooperative development is premised on the belief that local ownership and broad participation empowers communities to sustainably address their most pressing economic and social needs.  NCBA CLUSA’s activities range from helping groups establish new cooperatives and other group enterprises, to building institutional capacity of these businesses and to enhancing the scale and visibility of cooperatives and other member-owned businesses.

Through the USAID-funded Cooperative Development Program (CDP), NCBA CLUSA works with indigenous cooperatives and local government to create and scale workable solutions to key cooperative development issues including food security, legal and regulatory reform, sustainable trade relationships and knowledge management. Since 2004, NCBA CLUSA has implemented the CDP Program in Haiti, Indonesia, Kenya, Latin and Central America, West Africa, Angola and Mozambique.

In the United States, NCBA CLUSA is dedicated to raising the profile and awareness of cooperatives; promoting economic advantages from the cooperative business model; and facilitating cross-sector relationships and business among cooperatives. NCBA CLUSA is committed to linking our domestic and international expertise providing American farms and agribusiness professionals the opportunity to partner with farmers in developing countries around the world.

Current Cooperative Development Programs

Cuba: U.S.-Cuba Cooperative Working Group (and research reports)
Cooperative Development Foundation and Christopher Reynolds Foundation, $50,000

Indonesia: Indonesia Cooperative Business Development Alliance (ICBDA)
USAID $2,000,000

Indonesia, Latin America, Haiti: Cooperative Development Program IV (CDP IV)
USAID $649,027

Kenya, Guatemala, Mozambique and Central America: Cooperative Development Program III (CDP III)
USAID $7,117,614

Senegal: U.S. Farmer to Farmer Program for West Africa
USAID $1,661,421 under ACDI/VOCA

Worldwide: Cooperative Development Research and Resource Center (CDRRC)
USAID $1,388,294

Zambia: U.S. Farmer to Farmer Program
USAID $150,000 under Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA)


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