Purchasing Track: Master Class Workshop #3 – Member Engagement Strategies

Table Discussions

  • Succession Planning for Co-ops and Members (Webinar: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3) With the Baby Boomers moving toward a collective Silver Tsunami, 70 percent of independent businesses are looking at some form of turnover in leadership in the coming years. Use this session to discuss the varying challenges your co-op and members have experienced while exploring the different ownership transition strategies your members might consider. Selling to family, to other members and even converting to a worker co-op are all fair game.

  • Recruiting & Retention Innovations (Webinar: Watch Now!) Is your cooperative struggling with recruiting and retaining members? As succession planning, roll-ups, consolidation, eCommerce and other factors impact your pool of membership, use this session to whiteboard some ideas on how your cooperative can use its intellectual and financial capital to create worthwhile membership offerings. You’ll also learn about basic outreach techniques, available technology and the importance of embracing your organization’s philosophy from our moderator.

  • Training & Working with Technology (Webinar: Register Now) What do co-op members get when the co-op provides access to true product knowledge? Increased sales, that’s what! Sphere 1 experienced a massive boom in organic growth at the co-op level when it doubled down on educational product training, and they have the numbers to prove it. Learn how they did it and bring your own perspective for an interactive discussion on this and other unique approaches to member engagement through training.


Gary Pittsford
President and CEO, Castle Wealth Advisors

Alison Lingane
Co-founder, Project Equity   

Allison Morris
Vice President of Member Experience, The Veterinary Cooperative 

Brandon Maskew
Senior Customer Success Manager, BlueVolt

Doug Gastich
President & CEO, BlueVolt

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