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June 03, 2014    

CCMA going ‘Forward!’ in Madison

NCBA CLUSA is gearing up for the 58th Consumer Cooperative Management Association Conference (CCMA) in Madison, Wisconsin next week.

The annual conference unites leaders from the consumer co-op sector to network and share best practices while they work to improve operations, governance, consumer education and marketing strategies.

This year, CCMA will convene under the Wisconsin state motto, “Forward!

The Willy Street Food Co-op is joining the University of Wisconsin Urban Cooperative Initiative and NCBA CLUSA to sponsor the three-day event, with more than 500 veteran and newcomer food co-op managers, staff, directors and consultants to Madison. The vibrant college town boasts more cafes, brewpubs and restaurants per capita than anywhere else in the U.S. And the fine Wisconsin cheese speaks for itself.

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  THUMB 01 Look for NCBA CLUSA workshops at 2014 InterAction Forum

The cooperative business model plays an integral role worldwide in scaling up food security and nutrition, providing energy solutions to marginalized communities and alleviating poverty through financial empowerment. 

That’s the subject of the first of two workshops NCBA CLUSA will helm next week at the 30th InterAction Forum in Washington, D.C. 

“The cooperative business model has a proven track record, but it is under-promoted as a viable, sustainable economic and social driver of change,” said Amy Coughenour, NCBA CLUSA COO for International Development. 

“Our hope is that this workshop will provide a more comprehensive understanding of the co-op model, how it is being effectively used and how organizations can partner with the cooperative sector to help achieve our shared goal of sustainable development,” Coughenour added. 


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  THUMB 01 Webinar: Financial best practices for co-op members by Castle Wealth

As cooperative members age, the industry is expecting a high turnover of ownership in the coming decade.

Gary L. Pittsford, president and CEO of Castle Wealth Advisors and its three affiliated companies, says co-op members have an average age of 58 to 60 years old.

“Co-ops are very concerned about protecting their members and helping them get good advice and access to lots of options when the time comes to start thinking about the succession/exit planning process,” Pittsford said.

Castle Wealth designs and implements financial strategies for family held businesses and cooperatives, helping owners and members achieve their long-term goals and protect their business and family assets.


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  THUMB 01 Many looms, one town, one cooperative

NCBA CLUSA links cooperatives to markets worldwide, securing a wider customer base for their products and helping to ensure the success and sustainability of small cooperative enterprises. In this story recently published by, a cooperative weaver in Oaxaca, Mexico is looking for markets outside his mountain community: 

"It’s my brothers and sister and cousins and then a few people from our town. We are all family. We all live in Teotitlan.” Surrounded by stacks of thick, vibrant, hand-woven rugs, Louis Martinez describes the members of Teotitlan Cooperative. “In my family we are the third generation of cooperative weavers,” he explains.

Martinez’s Zapateca family has been weaving since before Pedro de Alvarado invaded or Benito Juarez was born. “[Our ancestors] passed down the patterns and styles," he says. 


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NCBA CLUSA would like to thank the following sponsors of this year’s Consumer Cooperative Management Association Conference.

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