Add your cooperative to the 2017 World Co-operative Monitor

world coop monitor 500 333 7c00dworld coop monitor 500 333 7c00dThe World Co-operative Monitor, published annually by the International Co-operative Alliance and its scientific partner Euricse, is a premier source of annual data on the size and scope of the cooperative economy. The Monitor helps raise the cooperative profile and impact with policymakers, industry professionals and the general public; and serves as an important tool for researchers worldwide. 

At the core of the Monitor is a list of the 300 largest cooperatives in the world, as measured by turnover. In addition, the Monitor presents sectorial rankings and in-depth looks at particular sectors or regions. In 2016, researchers added an analysis of the financial structure of the largest cooperatives. This year, they'd like to expand that analysis to include smaller cooperatives, or those with turnovers below USD $50 million—in some cases well below that figure.

In an April 4 press release, the International Co-operative Alliance enlisted the help of co-ops of all sizes, sectors and regions to expand the coverage of the database in their 2017 edition. If you would like to enter your cooperative's details, click here. The survey is brief and available in numerous languages. If you would prefer to receive the survey by email or wish to submit an Excel spreadsheet to contribute data on many co-ops, send an email to Ilana Gotz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The findings from the World Co-operative Monitor, which will include a special section on impact of the co-operative movement in Southeast Asia, will be presented at ICA's Global Conference and General Assembly in Malaysia in November.  


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