If a picture is worth a thousand words, then so is a good story!

At NCBA CLUSA, we believe the most powerful way to communicate the value of cooperatives is through the lens of the actual work they’re doing. Read the stories of .coop users making a difference in their communities and in the lives of their members at OwnIt.


What is Cooperative Identity?

For every cooperative, the reason "why" your business exists is as important as "what" it actually does.

By choosing to serve its members and its community first, a co-op's identity, then, is tied directly to its purpose.

When a cooperative uses a .coop domain, displays the COOP Marque and joins NCBA CLUSA, it is choosing to make a commitment to its purpose and a statement about its identity.

It means that the co-op has chosen OwnIt.  Which begs the question - have you?

Click here to join 1,400 other cooperatives that have chosen to own their cooperative identity.



Protecting, Promoting and Advancing Cooperatives

Cooperatives know they are a different kind of business. The challenge they face is being able to show it.

“OwnIt: Your Work. Your Identity.” is a website, awareness campaign and forum for cooperatives that provides tools, education, insight, tips and a platform for cooperatives to complete – and own – their cooperative identity while helping to spread awareness about ALL cooperatives everywhere.

Quick links:

• Learn about and register for a .coop domain
• Learn about and apply for the COOP Marque
• Be informed by joining NCBA CLUSA as a member
Download the Why COOP Toolkit to help tell your story
• Read stories about U.S. cooperatives and their work (coming soon)
• Network with other cooperatives on our forum (coming soon)

On the website, cooperatives can learn about the benefits of using the .coop domain and COOP Marque, the two unifying symbols of cooperative work and identity. In addition to also being able to register for a .coop domain and apply for the COOP Marque, co-ops can also decide to join NCBA CLUSA as a member, further broadening their resource network and tapping directly into our work on Capitol Hill that protects, promotes and advances the cooperative business model.

The OwnIt website also features an interactive Tool Kit with resources that can help your organization communicate its co-op identity to staff, members and customers. And in 2016, NCBA CLUSA will also be rolling out a blog and a forum (along with other features) to keep both cooperatives and co-op supporters connected.

At the National Cooperative Business Association, we believe that every co-op has the uncommon power through common purpose to elevate the awareness of cooperatives and the important role cooperatives play in their communities. By aligning your business with a .coop domain and your services with the COOP Marque through, you’re completing your cooperative identity. When that identity is joined with NCBA CLUSA membership, the power of your cooperative is multiplied by 40,000 – or more specifically, the number of total estimated co-op businesses in the U.S. whose interests are represented through NCBA CLUSA’s work.

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.coop Domains

An Easy Choice for Your Business

Changing to a .coop shouldn’t be scary – so we’ve made it simple

NCBA CLUSA and the OwnIt team understands that every cooperative has a unique DNA and many aren’t ready to jump right in. But we also know that every co-op’s work is informed and inspired by the same source – its members.

As a verified .coop user, you receive:

• 24/7 brand awareness for your cooperative
• Access to other .coop users for networking and benchmarking
• Expedited access to the co-op Marque for use in all marketing
• Exclusive introductory membership offer to NCBA CLUSA for 1-year at $250
• Automatic listing in the global directory of cooperatives
• Savings of 30% off your domain price each year

The most common concern we receive from new customers is about their old .com identity – what do they do about it? They worry about the marketing and the branding and the logistics and the confusion… we’d politely ask you to stop right there.

The .coop tech team can easily set up your current .com to forward to your new .coop. And when you’re ready to jump in fully, we’ll be there to support you in that transition, as well. This is just one example of why we chose the hand as our logo and why we use the words inside to illustrate our mission – many hands make light work, and we are all connected through our unique identities by our common purpose.

Using a .coop domain is the right choice for any co-op. It is 1) a business asset and 2) a tangible reminder of why your business is fundamentally different than a for-profit business. You’re not just purchasing a web address, you’re investing in a defined place of e-commerce, a marketing asset and a digital statement of purpose, all rolled into one.

When you combine this with the additional benefits above and .coop’s status as a top-level domain, a .coop domain is a more effective and impactful choice for your on-line identity when compared to a typical .com, .org or other top-level domain.

When you register a .coop, you’re agreeing to “own” your cooperative identity.

This pledge is your commitment to help grow awareness of 1) cooperatives, 2) the .coop domain itself, 3) the COOP marque, 4) the co-op business model and, of course, 5) the incredible work being done by cooperatives every day.

There’s several ways we’re asking you to take this ownership to the next level:

• Redirect your current .com to your new .coop (or better yet, just use .coop!)
• Place the COOP marque on homepage with a link to
• Retweet or share NCBA CLUSA posts on Twitter and Facebook re: .coop and the COOP Marque to show your support
• Become a member of NCBA CLUSA and join the others already using the .coop domain – join today!

The beauty of .coop is that it is reserved for cooperatives and cooperative organizations that are guided by cooperative values and principles. We manually verify every application to make sure that not just anyone registers a .coop domain. This means that cooperatives really stand out from the crowd and customers can immediately recognize you as a democratic, ethical business.

You are welcome to join the .coop community if you are:

➢ A cooperative
➢ A group of cooperatives
➢ An organization committed to the seven cooperative principles
➢ Organizations dedicated to serving cooperatives

Does that sound like you? If so, welcome to the club! Register your name here.

Your website should be the key to your cooperative!
Type the domain name you want, or up to four(4) keywords, in the box below, and click Check Domain.
We will search for available .coop domain names and display the available names below the form.

You can then click on one of the displayed results to be taken to a page, in a new window,
where you can register that domain, or do further searches for alternate domain names.

Check Availability

Not sure which domain name to go for? We’ve got a few tips:

➢ Use the .coop top-level-domain, making your coop easily recognizable as a leader in your industry.
➢ Choose a name that is easy to remember and corresponds with the name of your cooperative.
➢ Keep the name as short as possible, avoid abbreviations, and numbers, and only use hyphens when necessary.
➢ Compose a name that reflects the content of the website or the key operations of your cooperative.
➢ Register several different domains and register different domain extensions (e.g. .com or .org)
to increase the likelihood of search-engines and other visitors finding your site.

In addition to domains, we can offer you web services to get your website up and running:

Email addresses are a great way of communicating your .coop brand. We offer email hosting packages at a very competitive price, in our web store. For every domain you register with us, you will also receive two email addresses, completely free. Find out more about this promotion on our special offers page.
Web hosting provides a space for you to publish your website on the Internet. Our packages include multiple levels of security, 24 x 7 monitoring, data protection, frequent backups and a global network of web servers. Take a look at which web hosting packages your local reseller is offering.

Not sure what you need for your website? Contact us with questions, we’re happy to help!

When you purchase a .coop domain, you may already have a website. If you are pro cooperative, then we assume that you would like to display this proudly to your members and customers along the browser address bar.

There are several steps which can be taken to achieve this, and would be happy to assist you. To make your .coop domain primary, you have 3 options:

1. Contact your current hosting provider and ask them to associate your current hosting plan with your new .coop domain, and then setup domain forwarding and masking from your old domain to your new .coop domain.
2. Purchase a new hosting plan from us, and associate this with your .coop domain. You will then need to upload all your content to the new host.
3. Request that we forward your .coop domain to your old domain and enable domain masking - this has a similar effect to option 1, however when people enter your old domain in the address bar, they will not see the .coop domain. You can view our short video on how to set this up here.

If any of the above is unclear, please contact support at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and our customer service team will be happy to assist you. is the only ICANN Accredited Registrar dedicated to serving the cooperative movement worldwide. If you are a large cooperative with an extensive domain name portfolio, and the NCBA CLUSA team can offer you a customized domain management service so that you consolidate your portfolio of names, alongside your .coop names, in one place.

Wholly owned by the International Co-Operative Alliance - we really do KNOW about cooperatives and understand cooperative identity. The dedicated team at is here to help you promote your cooperative identity and give greater visibility to the cooperative model helping your business stand out from the crowd. is the only Registrar dedicated to serving the cooperative movement, looking after over 3,300 cooperatives from 74 countries, using .coop for their web and email addresses.

Once you have registered your .coop domain name, we can also assist with email and web hosting packages, as well as a DIY website builder tool, to help promote your cooperative online.


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