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April 25, 2014 - CBJonline


April 25, 2014    

Spotlight: Barry Silver, Cooperative Hall of Fame inductee


Since joining the National Cooperative Bank in 1980, Barry Silver has been an unstoppable force within the bank and industry in the development of cooperative programs. A walking educational resource, he is renowned for finding new and innovative ideas that benefit the cooperative community. Over the past 34 years, he has helped thousands of cooperatives obtain financing to succeed in business. 

He is consistently working to expand the reach cooperatives have in the community and was a major force in the creation of the Purchasing Co-op Conference leading to his acceptance of the NCBA “Honored Cooperator Award” in 2005. It was Silver’s passion for education of the cooperative model that led to NCB’s Co-op 100 – a list that sparked the International Cooperative Alliance’s Global 300 report.

Barry demonstrates a strong dedication within the co-op sector and over the years has served on numerous boards. He has also taken his knowledge of and commitment to the co-op model around the world working with credit unions in the Dominican Republic, the World Bank in China on educating leaders within the agricultural sector and partnering with USAID on cooperative and capital enhancement projects in Peru. He is also currently active in the expansion of Spain’s Mondragon Cooperative to the U.S. and serves as a board member of the International Cooperative Alliance and the executive committee of ACI Americas, representing cooperatives from the United

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[photo: Leo Mason/Corbis]

CCMA management to transition to NCBA CLUSA in 2015

After collaborative discussion and thorough review, the Consumer Cooperative Management Association (CCMA) Conference, currently under the management of Ann Hoyt and the University of Wisconsin-Extension, will transition to NCBA CLUSA beginning in 2015. This decision provides a clear path for the continued success and enhancement of this vital conference.

[photo: Leo Mason/Corbis]“As NCBA CLUSA looks to the future, the vision is for the conference to grow deeper in content and wider in opportunity,” said Ann Hoyt, retiring conference director and NCBA CLUSA board member. “The CCMA partnership with NCBA CLUSA will provide the needed support and infrastructure to make that happen. “

Over the next year NCBA CLUSA

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Stronger Together profiles dedicated green business


This Earth Day, we wanted to highlight a dedicated green business. In a recent article published by Stronger Together, Jennifer New profiled the Elm City Market Food Co-op in a former food desert in New Haven, Connecticut. If you forget your reusable shopping bag at this co-op, just borrow one from a lending tree of cloth bags near the checkout stands, which are made from reclaimed Berkshire barn wood.

Turing a dollar into platinum 

Just a buck – that’s how much it cost to put Elm City Market Food Co-op on the ground floor of a new venture that would bring natural and organic foods to downtown New Haven, Connecticut. Because the most densely-populated urban area in the state had been a food desert for decades, the city’s caveat for its meager price

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  THUMB 01THUMB 01 Smallholder millet farmers in Senegal see higher crop yields, rising profits

Once considered a subsistence crop, millet is now the key to higher crop yields and rising profits for some nine thousand smallholder farmers in Senegal, thanks to an agricultural value chain project implemented by NCBA CLUSA.

Launched in 2009, the five-year, US$4 million project spurred millet value chain development in Senegal’s Peanut Basin—the source of three quarters of the country’s grain and peanut production and home to the Serer ethnic group.

Through the Millet Value Chain Project, NCBA CLUSA demonstrated and helped smallholder farmers adopt new agricultural techniques. These methods ranged from conservation farming to composting. Beneficiaries learned ways to prevent Striga, a parasitic weed that attacks millet and other cereal crops. The project also recommended the use of inorganic fertilizer, such as phosphate, to help jumpstart crop growth early in the growing

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  THUMB 01THUMB 01 Land reclamation empowers women, improves livelihoods in Niger


It’s the hot season in Niger. The sun filters through the millet stalk roof of the shade hangar we sit beneath. Ramatou Yaye, a 48-year-old mother of six, gestures behind her to a large garden protected by durable fencing.

“It used to be that my family ate vegetables only one season per year. Now, with the help of Arziki, we can eat and sell vegetables year-round. It has changed our lives,” she says.

Arziki, NCBA CLUSA’s USAID-funded Niger Food Security Program means “prosperity” in Niger’s local languages of Hausa and Zarma. This four-year, $12.7 million project works with small-holder farmers in Niger to enhance food security, improve adaption to climate change and increase livelihoods.

The garden in Gao Taweye—one of twenty started by the Arziki project in the Tilaberri region of Niger—is 1,500 square meters of previously unused land now run by a women’s

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  THUMB 01THUMB 01 Are You Showing your Co-opiness?


NCBA CLUSA is hosting an upcoming webinar on understanding “The Benefits of a United Co-op Identity” on April 29 from 10am -11am EST.  This free webinar will provide compelling reasons why your organization should have its own .coop domain and you'll receive the Cooperative Marque Brand Guidelines that outline your part in raising awareness of our collective identity.

Two dedicated cooperators from Domains.coop will present this webinar.  They bring years of experience in marketing and branding and will explain the merits of identifying with a global community:

Gareth Price

Gareth joined Domains.coop at the beginning of 2012 as Marketing and Administrative Coordinator.  Domains.coop has been operating as the largest

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NCBA CLUSA Upcoming Events

.coop: The benefits of a
united coop identity
April 29th, 2014 10:00 AM
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CCMA Conference May 7th, 2014 5:30 PM
2014 Cooperative Hall of Fame May 7th, 2014 5:30 PM
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