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<spanface="Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif" size="3" style="color: #000000; font-size: medium; font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;">USDALaunches Webinar to Connect with Co-ops
A special webinar series hosted by Lillian Salerno, Administrator of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Business-Cooperative Service, in the Department's Rural Development Agency, with the first one on Friday, April 11, 2014 at 10:00am EST.

NCBA CLUSA is organizing this webinar series in partnership with the USDAto convening the cooperative stakeholder community to hear directly from Administrator Salerno on the many ongoing changes and the strategic direction her agency is taking as it implements many Administration and Department priorities and initiatives, including the recent Farm Bill. This webinar series is expected to take place once a month with new topics and discussion points.

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  THUMB 01THUMB 01 Farmers HelpingFarmers: Cooperative Program Launches in Senegal
On Wednesday, April 2 a renewed agreement of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) program was launched at NCBA CLUSA=E2=80=99s project office in Dakar, Senegal, ensuring the program will continue for an additional five years.

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  THUMB 01THUMB 01 SFCU Receives Co-op of the Year Award
Alcorn State University honors Mrs. Helen Godfrey Smith and NCBA CLUSA member Shreveport Federal Credit Union during its 2014 Small Farmers and Women in Business Conference in Jackson, Mississippi. "This is a wonderful honor and we are proud to be the recipient of the 2014 Cooperative of the Year Award," said Mrs. Helen Godfrey-Smith upon accepting the award. "I am more committed than ever to the development of more partnerships and projects that help communities growand prosper, and finding viable solutions to challenges facing residents in the Delta."

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  THUMB 01THUMB 01 Application Deadline Approaching! Sullivan Fund for Co-op Communications
Grant applications for requests for consideration from theSullivan Fund are due April 11, 2014.

Established in 1998 by The Cooperative Communicators Association (CCA), the Shirley K. Sullivan Fund honors deceased, longtime member Shirley Sullivan, a senior editor at Southern States Cooperative.

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  THUMB 01THUMB 01 Opportunity forCo-op Exchange in Cuba
The Federation of Southern Cooperatives (FSC) was recently granted a one-year travel license by the United States Department of Treasury, to legally travel to the island country of Cuba for educational purposes. The license authorizes individuals under the auspices of FSC to travel to Cuba for coop educational exchan= ges.

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  THUMB 01THUMB 01 New York City Network for Workers Co-op=E2=80=99s Speaks Out
In 2013, New York City procured 16.5 billion dollars worth of supplies and construction services, but none of this money was allocated to worker-owned co-operative businesses. What could happen if this changed? Founding Director of the NYC Network for Worker Co-operatives Chris Michael came examines this.

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  THUMB 01THUMB 01 2014 Cooperative Issues Forum! Registration Open!
The Cooperative Development Foundation invites you to attend the Fourth Annual Cooperative Issues Forum on May 7, 2014 from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm EST at the renowned National Press Club in Washington, DC. This year the forum will feature a Keynote Address by Dame Pauline Green, President of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA).

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  THUMB 01THUMB 01 The International Summit of Cooperatives Announces Speakers
With the United Nations declaring 2014 the International Year of Family Farming, the 2014 International Summit of Cooperatives will bring together experts, researchers, and decision makers from the cooperative world and civil society to discuss how cooperative enterprises help ensure global food security. The 2014 International Summit of Cooperatives will be held in Quebec City, Canada, from October 6 to October 9.

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  THUMB 01THUMB 01 Cooperative Legislation Around the World: The International Cooperative Law Handbook
In 2009, the national legislature of Mozambiquepassed a new law recognizing cooperatives as autonomous businesses, the management of which belongs to no one but the members. While the law providesco-ops with basic legal requirements, it allows them to be mostly self-regulating.

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  THUMB 01THUMB 01 Young People, Technology, and Co-op Values can Change The World
Acrossthe planet, co-ops are transforming the lives of people for the better, providing access to ownership of key elements of their daily lives. As our interaction and communication in our everyday lives has seemingly been whittled down to 140 characters and instant sharing of our experiences, the younger generation will play a key role in the growth and cultural acceptance ofcooperative values in meeting their short and long-term needs.

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  THUMB 01THUMB 01 Co-Operatives: Major Contributors for Sustainable Development
The United Nations (UN) Millennium Development Goals were set in the year 2000 and include ambitious aims in different fields that range from eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, promoting gender equality and empower women, achieving universal primary education to ensuring environmental sustainability. These targets were to be achieved by the end of 2015.

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