Agriculture and Food Security

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Food insecurity stems from more than just a lack of food. NCBA CLUSA integrates agriculture with health, nutrition, natural resource management, and democratic governance to create comprehensive, long-term solutions that foster household and community resilience. NCBA CLUSA works with stakeholders, organizations, and local governments to develop the structures, skills and policies necessary to ensure the sustainable success of interventions. NCBA CLUSA's technical expertise in food security includes:

     - Agricultural Production and Productivity

     - Market Access Facilitation and Value Chain Development

     - Producer Organization and Business Development

     - Integration of Nutrition Led Agriculture and Food Security Programming

     - Asset-Building for Women

     - Conservation Agriculture and Climate-Smart Agriculture

     - Capacity-Building of Local Institutions

 Through the Community-based Solution Provider (CBSP) innovation, NCBA CLUSA trains and links local agents with private sector entities and local communities, to provide products and services that facilitate good agriculture and sound nutrition. CBSPs deliver critical agricultural training products, and services such as land preparation, spraying, irrigation maintenance, livestock vaccination, crop maintenance, and additional products and services that improve health and nutrition. CBSPs earn fees from producers for services delivered. 


Current Food Security, Nutrition and Agriculture Projects


Burkina Faso and Niger: USAID Resilience and Economic Growth in the Sahel - Enhanced Resilience (REGIS-ER)
USAID $70,039,011

Mozambique: USAID Small Holder Effective Extension-Driven Success (SEEDS)
USAID $1,714,458

Mozambique: Conservation Agriculture Promotion (PROMAC)
Government of Norway $14,400,000

Mozambique: Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services
Portucel Mozambique: $316,964

Senegal: USAID Yaajeende Food Security and Nutrition Program
USAID $49,799,066

Senegal: Millet Business Services Project (MBSP)
USDA $9,577,884

Uganda: Youth Empowered Through Agriculture (YETA)
The MasterCard Foundation $11,454,063

Uganda: Purdue Increased Crop Storage (PICS)
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation $712,425


East Timor: Coffee and Cocoa Agribusiness Opportunities (CACAO)
New Zealand Aid Program-NZAID $10,499,796

East Timor: East Timor Agribusiness Development Project
US Department of Agriculture (USDA) $9,241,886


Dominican Republic: Safe Agriculture/Food Export Program (SAFE)
USDA $16,212,120

El Salvador: Coffee Rehabilitation and Agriculture Diversification
USDA $12,645,875




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